COI Procedures


For PHS and NSF Investigators

UCI uses a combination of Kuali Coeus Conflict of Interest (KC COI), an electronic system to collect financial disclosures, and paper forms to satisfy the dislcosure requirements for Public Health Service (PHS) and National Science Foundation (NSF).  This page highlights the process.  

Please note the disclosure requirements and procedures for non-governmental sponsored projects/gifts and research projects involving human subjects do not currently use the KC COI module.

Kuali Coeus Conflict of Interest

This electronic sytem will replace the Form 800 and Form 900 for UCI Investigators.  Subrecipients complying with UCI's COI policies and non-UCI Investigators will still be required to submit the paper Form 800SR and Form 900SR when necessary.  


  • Annual Disclosure- Replaces Form 800 and Form 900
  • PHS Travel Log
  • PI Assistant Role- Administrative staff can request this role to help their Principal Investigators complete the PHS Personnel Doc for continuing PHS awards
  • Master Disclosure- view all past disclosures
  • Increased Transparency- Ability to see Investigators' disclosure status in real-time for Principal Investigators and administrative staff
  • Automated notifications and reminders
  • Ability to upload completed Form 800SRs in the Personnel Doc for continuing PHS awards

Streamlining Updates:

  • Eliminate NSF Disclosure: The KC COI Annual Disclosure will satisfy the disclosure at proposal stage requirement for NSF.  At just-in-time or award stage, the COI team will contact all Investigators listed on a NSF-compliant project for additional information to determine whether or not a conflict of interest review is required, replacing the electronic NSF Disclosure. 
  • Simplify KC COI Annual Disclosure: We removed a confusing question in the Annual Disclosure related to reporting new significant financial interests.  Now, PHS Investigators with a new Significant Financial Interest just submit their updated Annual Form 810 to to update their financial interests per the regulations.  There is a new link in Zot!Portal.

Still to come...

This is just the first phase of our Streamlining COI efforts.  Our plan for the next phases are to have KC COI replace the Form 700U, the Annual Form 810, the COI Addendum, and so on until the COI process is completely electronic.

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