Requests for OLAW Interinstitutional Assurances (IIA)


  1. After you receive OLAW's official letter requesting to establish an IIA, pre-fill the OLAW-IIA form by completing Sections I and II.A.
  2. Email your request to with the following:


    1. Official communication (email/letter) from OLAW requesting for IIA to be established
    2. OLAW-IIA form, pre-filled with the small business' info

    Specify in your email:

    1. Name of UCI-PI
    2. Associated UCI-IACUC protocol #
    3. KR proposal #
  3. Please allow a minimum of 5 business days for your IIA request to be processed. Note: Processing of your request may take longer, depending on the below variables:
    • The IACUC office performs a Scope of Work (SOW) comparison, to ensure the live animal work proposed in the grant is covered by the associated IACUC protocol.
    • If additional clarifications, revisions, or follow-up are needed, we will email you.
    • Signatures of the IO and IACUC chair will be obtained after the SOW-protocol match has been verified and an approved IACUC protocol is in place.

Additional Information & Tips