Epidemiology and Infection Prevention (EIP) Committee

Research protocols involving the study of devices, biologic products, or infectious agents in humans on the UCIMC campus or any UCI-affiliated clinical site (including clinical sites on campus or external affiliated sites) require review by the EIP Committee. This committee provides oversight for all infection prevention and control issues related to UC Irvine clinical areas. Focus of the review will be on adequacy of protocols to ensure patient and healthcare worker safety and prevent transmission. For example, review components may include cleaning and disinfection protocols, discarding infectious waste, use of personal protective equipment, and personnel training on infection prevention procedures, among others.


  1. Does the research involve any of the following:
    -introducing infectious/biological agents into patients,
    -using animals in clinical areas, including transporting of animals through clinical areas, or
    -handling infectious/biological agents in clinical or clinical support (e.g. Lab or Pharmacy) areas?
  2. Will the research, or portions of the research, be conducted at the UC Irvine Medical Center campus or UC Irvine clinical sites, inlcuding the Irvine campus and off-site clinical locations?

If you answered YES to both of these questions, complete the Epidemiology & Infection Prevention Screening Form and submit to the Health Epidemiology and Infection Prevention Program.

For additional information about the EIP Committee, call the UCI Health Epidemiology and Infection Prevention Program at (714) 456-5221.