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2015-16 Awards

2015-16 was the inaugural year for the Research Seed Funding Program.  In that year we held two separate competitions, one in fall and one in spring, in the following categories (click on each to scroll quickly to those sections):

Single and Multi-investigator Research Projects (Spring 2016)



Critical Infrastructure Forensics (CIF)

Human Stem Cell Derived Microvesicle Cargo That Protect the Brain From Clinical Radiotherapy

Grape Genomics: Closing the Gaps

Marie Langer, The Life of Our Times

Biochemical and In Vivo Validation of Novel P53 Reactivating Compounds

An Implantable Brain-Computer Interface System for Restoring Lower Extremity Movement and Sensation After Neural Injuries

Role of Shelterin Components in Telomerase-independent Telomere Maintenance

Effects of Multiple Aspects of Climate Change on Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning

Single and Multi-investigator Research Projects (Fall 2015)



Intraoperative Blood-Flow Imaging During Pediatric Intestinal Surgery

Probing First Galaxies In the Universe with the New Tomographic Ionized-Carbon Mapping Experiment (TIME)

Elucidating the Role of Eosinophil Degranulation Proteins on the Basement Membrane: Identifying a Direct Pathogenic Mechanism of Eosinophils in Bullous Pemphigoid

Thin Film Thermoelectrics for Wearable Power and Cooling

The Evolutionary Ecology of the Human Virome

Networks and Data Using Present-Day Knowledge Networks to Investigate Historical Social Networks

Understanding and Altering Maltreated Children’s Trajectories of Risk

Bioreactor for Bioengineering and Metabolomics of Microbial Systems

Research Center Proposal Development Projects



Skin Biology Resource-Based Center at UCI

A U54 Center for Cancer Systems Biology

Center of Artificially Engineered Materials (CAEM)

Catastrophic Events, Ecosystem Collapse, and Unanticipated Future Change: Developing the Science Basis for Identifying and Avoiding the Loss of Important Global Ecosystems

UC Irvine Center for Addiction Neuroscience (ICAN)

Technology Development Innovation Fund



Glycan-Dependent Immunotherapeutic Molecules

Sphingolipid Drugs Active Against Solid Tumors

Self-Interference Cancellation in Full-Duplex System

A Neuromorphic Robot that Interacts with People Through Tactile Sensing and Bi-Directional Learning

Integrated Microfluidic System for Sample Enrichment and Concentration

Peptide Inhibitors of Insulin-Degrading Enzyme