UCI Research Seed Funding Program

2016-17 Awards

Investing to Develop Center-Scale Multidisciplinary Convergence Research Programs



Development of a UCI Center for Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience (UCISCN)

Creating Opportunities for Students Living in Poverty through Effective Educational Interventions

Physical Activity and Innate Immune Cell Activation: Harnessing the Molecular Pathways of Exercise Adaptation to Prevent the Childhood Origins of Adult Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

Sustainable water and ecosystem management in southwestern US by increased accuracy and reliability of sub-seasonal to seasonal precipitation forecasts

Creation of a Multidisciplinary Cannabis Research Center (MultiCann)

Cardiovascular Center: Program in Heart Muscle Systems

Convergence Science for Molecular Biology: From Computation and Social Networks to Biotechnology

Center for RNA Biology and Therapeutics

Creating a Southern California Center of Excellence for the Promotion of Healthy Work