Other Research Considerations

In addition to the requirements tied to federal sponsored projects, the federal government identified other activities and areas that are of concern for research security and integrity.

Research Data Guidance

UC issued the Research Data Policy to clarify the ownership of and responsibility for  Research Data generated during the course of University Research.

The below link provides a summary of the policy and other relevant information to protect UC Research Data.

UC Huawei Moratorium

To address recent federal developments that increase the University's risk associated with engagements with Huawei, the Office of Graduate Studies and ECAS worked closely with Vice Chancellors for Research to develop and outline restrictions on engagements with Huawei. 

The UC moratorium restricts any future engagements with Huawei, calls for the cessation of all pending projects, gifts, purchases or other engagements and requires locations to wind down existing agreements and consider risks associated with engagements with Huawei's U.S. subsidiaries.