General Tips & Hints

Right-Mouse Clicks

RMS uses drop-down menus extensively and these menus are typically accessed by a click of the right-hand mouse button. However, if you are using Apple® or Mac® products, tablets or other technology where the right-click isn't available, simply hold the "Control" key and click, OR click on "Switch to Mobile" (in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage) and look for the pointing finger.

Check-Out Document

RMS only allows once person at a time to make edits or revisions to a protocol, which is where the "Check-Out" feature comes in - Think of this like checking out a book at a library! The times in which you will want to make edits/revisions to a protocol are when you're completing the Annual Review, responding to pre-review, or submitting a modification request.

To edit the protocol, you must Check-Out the Document first:

  1. Click on the File to expand the folder, revealing the documents underneath
  2. Click on the Document (not File) to open the protocol
  3. Click the Check-Out button at the top or bottom of the protocol forms
  4. You can now make edits to the protocol!

Help Text

Instructions (aka. help text) are placed liberally throughout the Animal Use Protocol application. Links within the help text will redirect the user to Office of Research websites and to this Online User Guide for more detailed explanations and information.

Entering Text

In most cases, just click inside the shaded box and start typing – the format bar is there if you need it. You can also cut-and-paste to transfer text from a document to the text box.

NOTE: Once you have started typing in a text box, a check-mark will appear in the box as shown. If you click off the checkmark, it will delete everything in that text box (handy if you want to replace the text in a box, but frustrating if you uncheck it accidentally!).

Optional Questions

Sometimes additional questions are embedded and only visible if they apply to your research.

Table - Adding Rows

There are also tables that require you to add rows if needed, by clicking the "Add new row" button. Add additional rows to the table by clicking the "Add new row" button again.

To delete a row, right-click on the row you want to delete. A pop-up menu will appear. Click “Delete row”.

To add new rows to a table in a text field, right-click on the last row. A pop-menu should appear. Move your mouse over “Row” and in the sub-menu, select “Insert Row After”. This will add a new row to your table.

Refreshing (Inactivity Logout)

After 30 minutes of inactivity (No typing or clicking on anything), RMS will automatically log you out for security reasons.

To avoid this, click the Refresh button at the top to remain logged in. This can be done anytime during the protocol application.

Viewing/Hiding Sections

To close/hide sections within the application, click on the button next to any section.

GI Fig9

The section will collapse and currently be hidden. Click on the  to open/unhide the section again.

GI Fig10

Approval Documents

Approval documents (including previous Word document narratives, modifications and approval letters) are available in RMS as attachments in the Files section. To access these items, look for a paper-clip icon next to the AUP File.

Right-click (or CTRL+click ) on the paper-clip icon  to access a pop-up menu. Select View/Edit Attachment from the menu.

AD Fig2

A pop-up window will appear with a list of approval documents. Click on the file to download.


Images may sometimes be inserted into certain text fields in the animal use application form - If you're unable to insert images, please upload the image as an Attachment file to the relevant protocol tab, and add a statement in the form section referring to the attachment.


Attachments (i.e. hazard documents, published manuscripts/references, supplementary material, protocols, etc.) can be uploaded into the animal use protocol form by clicking the Attachments button.

GI Fig11

Add Attachments

A pop-up window will appear and files can be uploaded to the corresponding protocol tab - In this Attachment Window, do the following steps:

    1. Go to the desired protocol tab to upload attachments to that specific tab
    2. Click on Choose File button and select the file from your desktop
    3. In the "Description" box, you may enter a brief description for the file (e.g., "Mod - Narr - orig")
    4. Click the Upload button - your document will be displayed in the list of files uploaded so far (at the bottom of the window)
  • Click the Attach to Protocol button - this will close out the Attachment pop-up window
  • In the main window for the protocol, click the SAVE button to finalize your attachment upload (before exiting the protocol) - Then you're done!

Edit Name of the Attachment

To edit the name of an already-uploaded attachment, go to the tab in which the attachment was uploaded to and right-click (or CTRL+click ) the file, and from the drop down menu select Edit Attachment

Trying to delete an attachment?

(!) Caution:  Please do not delete previously approved attachments! (Only delete new attachments you mistakenly uploaded) - For any questions, please contact the IACUC office.