Industry Sponsored Research with Live Animals

Industry sponsored research (ISR) are projects where the primary funding source for those research activities are by or through the for-profit industry sponsors (i.e., small business companies).

Negotiations between UCI and the sponsors are required when the:

  • Industry sponsored research requires the use of live animals and,
  • Live animal work will be performed at UCI.

Before any live animal work can be conducted, there must be an approved UCI-IACUC protocol that covers those ISR activities involving the live animals.


UCI Applied Innovation

All industry sponsored research contracts are handled by UCI Applied Innovation.

UCI Applied Innovation's Industry Contract Officers support researchers in negotiating agreements with companies, including confidentiality and collaboration agreements, federally funded subcontracts received through industry, and research contracts funded by major corporations.

There are 2 main types of funding sources:

  • Federal subcontracts received through industry (e.g., SBIR, STTR grants from NIH)
  • Sponsored research contracts -- funds directly provided by the industry sponsors or major corporations

Federal Funding for ISR

SBIR and STTR grant applications must be submitted to NIH by the industry sponsor (usually the small business company).

Sponsors need to work closely with the selected UCI-PI lab group and UCI Applied Innovation, when preparing and writing their grant applications.
(**Note:  The UCI-IACUC office does not assist with grant applications.)

After NIH reviews your grant application, if your project is selected for award funding - You will receive an official letter from OLAW (Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare) requesting for you to establish an Interinstitutional Assurance (IIA).

IIAs are required by OLAW when a grant award includes a subcontract to UCI, and the work with live animals will be conducted at UCI.

Submit your request to the UCI-IACUC office:

Industry Sponsored Research Contracts

The first step for initiating industry sponsored research projects typically starts with the UCI-PI and sponsor connecting with each other, to discuss details for the collaboration and to agree on the scope of work and budget.

If both parties wish to pursue the project, they then begin the process of formalizing the agreement with the help of UCI Applied Innovation - See UCI-AI guidance: How to Initiate a Sponsored Research or Other Project with UCI.

Need help with industry sponsored research projects? Contact UCI Applied Innovation

Prior to the release of sponsor funds and before starting any live animal work, there must be an approved UCI-IACUC protocol that covers those ISR animal research activities. The UCI-PI lab group and the industry sponsor should consult with one another, to coordinate how to obtain the necessary IACUC approval - see guidance below:

How to Obtain IACUC Approval for Industry Sponsored Research Contracts


  1. The industry sponsor should connect with the required UCI parties, to discuss details about the project:
    • Consult with the UCI-PI, to refine project ideas, agree on SOW and budget, etc.
    • Work with UCI-Applied Innovation's industry contract officers, to negotiate institutional written agreements, etc.
  2. PI submits KR proposal (Kuali Research) and notifies Applied Innovation of submission.
  3. PI must have an approved IACUC protocol that covers the live animal research activities proposed in the sponsor contract - The PI may choose to either modify an already-approved IACUC protocol or submit a brand-new application.
  4. Once submitted, the IACUC office will process the submission for review and work with the PI if there are any protocol issues.
    *Note:  This may take 1-2 months, depending on the IACUC's timeline and the pre- and post-review issues.
  5. After IACUC approval is obtained, the PI should notify Applied Innovation and the industry sponsor of the protocol review results to finalize the release of the sponsor contract funds.
    For questions about the sponsored research contract, contact your industry contract officer at UCI Applied Innovation.