KR Negotiations

The Kuali Research Negotiations user guide has been divided into two versions, one tailored for Initiators & Faculty and the other for Officers.  Please choose the version most appropriate for you, using the toggle below. The default is Initiators & Faculty.

For Initiators & Faculty
For Officers

View the Negotiation Activities

To view the Negotiation Activities for a pending award, navigate to the Kuali Research Negotiations portlet in Zot!Portal. Then click on Negotiation Activities:

Negotiations Faculty Portal

You can enter any filter criteria you wish to narrow down your search. Click "Reprompt" when ready to run & view the report:

Negotiations Faculty Cognos

View CT Negotiation Activities

To view Negotiation Activities related to an Industry Clinical Trial, click to the Status of Industry Clinical Trial Negotiations in the same portlet:

Negotiations Faculty PortalCT