Navigating a KR Proposal


The document header on the top displays six fields of reference information about the Proposal document.

Left - Proposal InfoDescription
Proposal numberNumber incrementally assigned by the system
Principal Investigator (PI)Not yet assigned displays until a PI is added   on the Key Personnel screen, then the person’s name is displayed.
Right – Document InfoDescription
Doc NumberNumberincrementally assigned by the system
S2S Connected

Status indicated by a gray ‘no’ box until a successful S2S Opportunity is applied and is updated to a green ‘yes’ box.

*Note: UCI is not currently utilizing Kuali S2S. 

StatusSubmission state of the proposal (In Progress, Enroute, Approved, Submitted, etc.)

Click to display information expanded from the ‘doc info’ data including the create and last update timestamps as well as the sponsor name.

Proposal Toolbar

The Proposal Toolbar provides access to Proposal Actions.

Proposal Toolbar
Horizontal Band ToolbarDescription

When (off): click to open the Data Validation options window and turn validations (On)

When (on); click to turn off the validations, to view   the list of existing validations, their location, description, severity (warning or error), and the ‘fix’ button to navigate directly to the validation location

PrintClick to open the available print options: Sponsor Form Packages; or the Reports (Current Support, and Pending Support)
CopyClick to open the Copy Proposal window
MedusaClick to view the relationship this proposal has to other KC documents
HiearchyClick to open the Proposal Hierarchy builder window. Use this tool to link the current proposal to an existing hierarchy, or to create a new hierarchy. (See section on Hierarchy)
Budget Versions

Click to open a Budget Version window to add a new budget version, open an existing budget, or use one of the Action options (View Summary, Copy (budget), Print (reports), or Submit (mark the version as the final/complete to submit with this proposal)

Click to obtain a direct link to the Proposal you are currently in


When the Help link is clicked it will expand a dropdown that has selections of different areas in the proposal. Upon clicking one of the options it will open a new browser window linked to either a Kuali Research article (default) or a custom linked site configured via the below listed parameters

Proposal Left Navigation Menu

Click on any of the listed options in the left navigation panel to open and view that screen. Some options act as category headers denoted by the triangle on the far right (ex. Basics, and Key Personnel). Clicking on the category header when the triangle faces to the right will open a sub-menu, where you can then click on one of the items in the sub-menu to open the working screen. Clicking the downward-facing triangle will collapse the sub-menu.

Proposal Left Navigation Menu

When screen space is at a premium, you can click on the left-facing triangle at the top of the navigation panel to compress the navigation panel to icon mode. When the panel is compressed, clicking on an icon will display a pop-up menu of the available options.

To expand the navigation panel, simply click the right-facing triangle at the top of the icon panel.